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Sita Flammer  alchemist • spiritual channel • creative

“The body is a sacred garment.”   Martha Graham 


Welcome! My name is Sita.  I love helping people get in touch with their creative life force, to return to a more comfortable and easy connection to self, to feel more full, more alive.  I find that once someone understands what their deeper needs and feelings are, they can approach what they really want. 


I have seen people move from externally focused and stuck to reinvigorating an inner flow and knowing how to take steps in their best direction. I will help you to find a life that works for you whether it is about work, relationship, or transition into something utterly new.

I offer Clairvoyant readings to help you get clear information for your life.

 I also offer Energy Medicine sessions to clear out old patterns and bring in new, more effective ways of being. 

Do you sense that there is so much more for you then what you currently feel and know?

Would you like to feel more clear, grounded and creative in life?

Would you like to have more love and fulfillment, more closeness in relationships?

 Lets Get Started!  Contact me and we can

 set up a time for a conversation to find out more.

Sita at:


LEARN more about energy medicine and the readings under specific website tabs. 

•Clear negative thoughts that keep you limited and closed  down. “I can’t..., I shouldn't....I’m not lovable...”


•Root out limiting generational complexes. These are seemingly unrelated patterns and feelings that arise from our  family history and even before this lifetime.

“I feel responsible  for some things I never did and I don’t know why.” “I feel that I am bad, unworthy, and I just can’t seem to shake it.” “I keep attracting the same kind of partner who is not a good match  for me.”

•Healthier habits that result in more daily satisfaction.

•Experience well being. Feel calm, and energized at the same time.

•Get in touch with your Intuition and create the life you want.


•Improve digestive distress, headaches and other    symptoms.


• Reveal and transform shadow aspects of yourself.    Unknown subconscious material can drive

 your behavior and keep you in destructive or limiting  patterns.

 Please contact me with any questions


“Sita’s loving non-judgemental presence is such a gift.  She creates a neutral and compassionate environment in which to receive CoreIndividuation™.  I can feel and see benefits after every session.  The sessions have removed the toxins and trauma left over from a year of cancer treatment and multiple surgeries.  My body and energy are transformed and improved.  CI has also helped me to heal aspects of my relationship with my mother which is a relief and a blessing.  This modality is definitely one to invest in, and Sita’s soft and competent “touch,” (I receive long distance work from her,) is so nourishing.  Thank you so much, Sita for your care, integrity and skill.”

—Elia, Astrologer & Mystic, Boulder CO.

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