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Sita Flammer–Energetic Arts Practitioner

“The body is a sacred garment.”   Martha Graham 

  • Have you a sense that there is something more for your life?

  • Do you want more energy, more peace and focus?

  • Are you recovering from surgery or some other health crisis?

  • Or maybe you feel great but there is just this one issue that you are ready to shift.

Welcome to Energetic Arts. My name is Sita and I practice a unique energy medicine modality called CoreIndividuation™ 

I have studied, researched and practiced many forms of spiritual

healing and CoreIndividuation™  is the one that continues to amaze me with its ability to create real change for people.

With the methods of CoreIndividuation™ we can locate the stuck places which are actually blockages in your subtle anatomy. The subtle anatomy which surrounds and is also part of your body is the underlying matrix that makes up who you are. (More about the subtle anatomy).

With this perspective, we can address a much more wholistic picture. In fact we can treat the whole organism which contains the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

What this means is that we can actively get to the root of the issue, not just the symptoms.

The process of working with the subtle anatomy is a bit like peeling an onion. As we go inward, the layers reveal blockages. Once a blockage is located we can remove or clear it. In the wake of taking out the obstruction, the subtle anatomy can return to a more restful high functioning state. Amazingly this can shift excessive or obsessive thinking and neurotic unproductive behavior to more presence and ease of being. The final result can be that you now have mental and emotional space to get to your real feelings and motivations in life, and also have the clarity and strength to act on them.

This profound work can move you quickly through issues and built up distress. Yet it is careful, kind and honoring of you and your process. With your participation, we can tend, water and support you to unfold into the fullness of your best self. 

Are you ready? Make an appointment (button)

Lets get started.

Here are some examples of what CoreIndividuation™ can do and who it can help:

•Clear negative thoughts that keep you limited and closed  down. “I can’t..., I should....I’m not lovable...”


•Root out limiting generational complexes. These are seemingly unrelated patterns and feelings that arise from our  family history and even before this lifetime.

“I feel responsible  for some things I never did and I don’t know why.” “I feel that I am bad, unworthy, and I just can’t seem to shake it.” “I keep attracting the same kind of partner who is not a good match  for me.”

•Healthier habits that result in more daily satisfaction.

•Experience well being. Feel calm, and energized at the same time.

•Get in touch with your Intuition and create the life you want. 

•Improve fertility and become pregnant


•Improve healing and recovery time from accidents,  surgery.


•Improve digestive distress, headaches and all manner    of symptoms even old aches and pains.


• Reveal and transform shadow aspects of yourself.    Unknown subconscious material can drive

 your behavior and keep you in destructive or limiting  patterns.

 Please contact me with any questions


“Sita’s loving non-judgemental presence is such a gift.  She creates a neutral and compassionate environment in which to receive CoreIndividuation™.  I can feel and see benefits after every session.  The sessions have removed the toxins and trauma left over from a year of cancer treatment and multiple surgeries.  My body and energy are transformed and improved.  CI has also helped me to heal aspects of my relationship with my mother which is a relief and a blessing.  This modality is definitely one to invest in, and Sita’s soft and competent “touch,” (I receive long distance work from her,) is so nourishing.  Thank you so much, Sita for your care, integrity and skill.”

—Elia, Astrologer & Mystic, Boulder CO.

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