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Your Subtle Anatomy

When we are developing into a person our energy structure forms first. It is made of light and

sound frequencies that eventually ‘congeal’ in the center forming the body, like a yolk at the

center of an egg. The body and the energy structure are part of each other and work together.

In fact, the anatomy of the energy structure relates intimately with our physical body and acts

like a primary blueprint that informs it and also receives vital information that gets translated to support the body’s functions.

The subtle anatomy is responsible for not only our physical health but also oversees our life. It

is conscious and helps us move toward our purpose and through our spiritual life. Our purpose

and the tasks we must undertake are in place at birth but it is up to us to pay attention so that

we are able to fulfill our destiny here on earth. Our subtle anatomy wants this for us and is

available for guidance as we go through life in its challenges and joys.


The subtle anatomy has 7 distinct systems. These are:

•Template- related to the the nervous system

•Elimination System - energy digestion and assimilation

•Harmonizing Network-like a hormonal regulatory system

•Bones of Light-a support system

•Layers System- contains the subtle anatomy’s organs

•Human Electro Magnetic Field (HEMF) -(also known as the Aura). This system is responsible

for interfacing between the physical world and the subtle world.

•Blended Energies System-contains the chakras and is related to how we express our soul’s


To learn more, buy Desda’s book: Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human

Energy Structure.

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