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How to Get Ready and Support Yourself on your Healing Journey

There are many ways to walk on your healing path. Below are some practices that can enhance

your experience of CoreIndividuation.TM These methods can all cultivate self awareness and

the habit of self inquiry.

• Meditation: For basic information about meditation see

• Prayer, ritual and affirmations.

• Therapy, all types.

• Creative practices like poetry, art making, journaling, crafting, theatrical play, music

• Contemplation and walking in nature

• Physical practices such as Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Dance

• Other non traditional practices. (Maybe you have a few.)

• Purchase Desda Zuckerman’s Book : Your Sacred Anatomy, an Owners Guide to the Human

Energy Structure. Reading Desda’s book and looking at the subtle anatomy can help to

“wake up” a much greater awareness of what you are.

• Keeping a special journal for your work in CI

In order to benefit the most, it is valuable to have a strong desire to shift your patterns. For

patterns to change it is essential to be open to the ways in which you may cover over unwanted

parts. By bringing these marginalized aspects of yourself into conscious awareness, real

change can come through. I, Sita have personally found this work invaluable for helping me to

recognize these parts which are often invisible or hard to identify. I know something is there, but

I can’t quite find the center or meat of it. CoreIndividuationTM has really made it clear to me

where my stumbling blocks are.... Yay! Sounds like a funny thing to get excited about but the

truth is, once you know where your hang ups are, you are on the road to personal freedom.

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