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I, Sita have grown and healed an enormous amount from receiving energy medicine sessions and doing the practices. 

I can testify that it is possible to have more of yourself and to move forward out of stuck places.  I have asked:

Is it possible to actively work to change thoughts in order to attract a better outcome as the law of attraction tells us? This is not always so obvious especially since we can block ourselves from hidden deeper feelings and beliefs that color our viewpoint and experience.    What I have seen in clients and in myself is that you can not only learn about core beliefs, but once identified release attachments so that limiting patterns can shift for the better. 

In session, we work together with the subtle anatomy to release the old and bring in the truth of who and what you are now. 

Working gently yet directly, the whole organism of you can naturally re-calibrate to more health and balance, more freedom and joy.

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