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CoreIndividuation™ is complimentary to psychotherapy, meditation, body work and other healing art modalities. The difference is CoreIndividuation™ is a fast track moving you forward more quickly and efficiently.

We can actively work to change our thoughts in order to attract better outcome as the law of attraction tells us. However we can not always easily come to this on our own. It is not obvious to find the source of our thoughts that create our reality. In CI we are clearing the way and getting to know core beliefs so that these entrenched patterns can truly shift. Then we can become the real captain of our ships, leading the way toward the fulfillment of our destiny.

In CoreIndividuation™ we work with the subtle anatomy and have the opportunity to address issues at their roots. Sometimes we can head off illness or other problems before they manifest.

When we address dysfunction at the cause, the whole organism can naturally return to health and balance.

“Remember, your body is the result of thousand and thousands of years of fine tuning.

​Our genetics are brilliant. We can tap into that brilliance. “ Tulsi Elizabeth Wallace

How is CoreIndividuation™ different from other healing modalities?

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