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About Sessions

What is a session like?


What to expect:



Before a session it is a great idea to think about what is going on in your life and what you would like to address.  This helps stimulate in your subtle anatomy those pieces that are ready to shift.  Some people really like to get a notebook to write down how they are feeling/doing and to keep track of their progress. Sometimes it can be helpful to take a few notes during a session as there may be some suggestions and also some key points you may want to jot down. Sessions are not recorded.



A session lasts 90 minutes


If we work in person we will face each other seated in our own chairs.  I can also work by phone for local or long distance sessions.  I will use a dowsing rod to determine the overall state of your energy structure.  By further dowsing  and with your permission we will determine what is “up” to be addressed or released. Through conversation, dowsing and deep listening, a plan of action is formed.  


Your participation is of utmost importance.  While you will be relaxed and in a receptive mode, you will be asked every step of the way for your permission.  Many of the procedures are interactive in the sense that you will be asked for input, and relevant information. How you feel, what you remember or what thoughts you may have give valuable information.  This is truly a partnership and it is your willingness that allows the work to flow.  



it is important to leave resting time after to allow the work to settle.  Sometimes people get very tired and need to sleep.  Just like your body releases waste, so does the energy anatomy.  It is essential to bathe with sea salt and baking soda 50/50 to help clear the released energies.  You can take a bath, or rub it on damp skin in the shower taking care to get all parts of the body, or if this is not possible a foot bath will do.  


A few days later, we will have a 15 minute follow up call.  This is an important part of the session and not just a check in.  It is to restore and balance you in addition to seeing how you are doing.  




How often should I have a session?

It is best to have sessions about a month apart. It takes about that amount of time to assimilate the shifts.  There may be times for more frequency and this will be determined as we go.  In order to work on something specific, a series of sessions is in order.  


A series of 3 to 9 is most beneficial.


Series of 3, Initiation -  begin to discover and clear blockages.

Series of 6, Exploration -  get clear about the issues and move into significant work.

Series of 9, Empowerment - release and shift patterns into meaningful change.  


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How a Series Works


In the beginning stages I can help you release old attachments to outdated beliefs and feelings, strengthen the boundaries of your energy structure, and prepare you for deeper work.  We can also release ties to energies that do not belong to you. Often in this series of three people notice feeling much lighter, less mental busyness and more grounded.  


As we continue to work together, we can craft a road map to bring you closer to how you want to feel and who you want to be. In this phase we are exploring the kinds of blockages that are in your way.  What are your core issues?  We are gathering information and developing understanding as we simultaneously remove blockages that are clouding up your subtle anatomy.   This stage will create clarity and provide the opportunity to get into real transformation.   In this stage you can expect to see positive shifts in your behavior and feelings.  In this stage people notice that they are loosening burdens of the past and are open to new possibilities for their lives.  


By now we are moving into more advanced procedures and facilitating deeper changes.  Here we can get to the real root or cause of a pattern and shift it in a powerful way.  You can expect to see changes that are quite surprising.  People say at this stage things like, "I never knew I could feel this way!  I thought I just had to live with those resentments and with the resignation of my spirit.  Now I feel that I have a new lease on life and I can see the results of the work in my actions."  People also notice shifts in their environment that are more supportive of who they actually are. 

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