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What CoreIndividuation™ Can Do For People

What kinds of circumstances can be affected by this work?  

CoreIndividuation™ can help in so many different ways because it affects all parts of a person.    Some examples of things that can be addressed are listed below. This is just a small sample of what this work can do.  


Working with Electromagnetic Field disturbances and toxicity

EMF distress looks like anxiety, nervousness, not sleeping well, and feeling “buzzy.”  Move from anxious to feeling clear in mind and calm in body.  


•Releasing  destructive life patterns

This is about identifying a pattern that is interrupting your current life and treating it to let it go.  Though this procedure clears the way for significant change, there is often some ongoing work.  This can be a process and I will help you develop strategies and practices to move it along. Working with a life pattern takes a number of session to get to the source and shift it out of your system.  


•Helping with trauma to the body and surgery support

When the body gets hurt or damaged in some way it is hugely beneficial to have a clearing we call “Venting Trauma and Pain.”  This can alleviate the swelling and speed the time of healing often dramatically.  For surgical support I can attune medications and anesthesia to your body for better acceptance.  This can be applied to medical implants too.  Also these methods can help make surgery smoother and improve recovery time.  


•Releasing Signatures

A signature is an imprint that is left in your subtle anatomy.  It is a result of an experience or exposure to a substance that was not in alignment with your natural state.   Vaccines and drugs commonly leave a “signature” that puts strain on your energy structure.  Signatures can also be things like a really shocking experience, or an environmental toxin that has caused you some distress or harm.  It can even be an emotional pattern or a health issue such as allergies.  While removing a signature does not necessarily remove a problem, it can alleviate its affects greatly and create an opportunity for it to leave your system.  Sometimes people have dramatic responses to these removals.  


•Chakra work: Being in touch with deeper motivations, your purpose

Chakras are energy centers that inform your whole structure about all kinds of functional behavior. They also give important information about your life.  Working in this remarkable system can especially put you in touch with your life’s purpose, what you were born to be and do here on earth.  


Developing awareness about your purpose and unblocking the chakras can help you feel more alive.  Each of us are born with special abilities and drives that lead us toward a specific fulfillment.  Joseph Campbell has described this process as a hero’s journey based on the archetypal stories of our mythological heritage.   As a person aligns with what is meaningful and gets in touch with their natural talents, a spark can be lit and even a passion ignited.   When out of touch with ones purpose there can be a dullness that sets in, boredom, feeling disconnected, and unworthy.  These are symptoms of a deeper subconscious process at work and they signify a stage.  Sometimes we need to go through these periods, but we do not want to stay here for too long.   

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