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Healing and transformation are my passions. It has been over 30 years since I began doing healing work for the body and mind.   I have been a teacher to individuals, small groups and larger classes in yoga, qigong and aromatherapy.      


It all started when I was very young.  At five I loved to burn pine incense in a beautiful brass burner and followed alongside my grandmothers’ afternoon yoga practice.   Later, in my early 20’s bored by aerobics and intimidated by the New York dance studios, I rediscovered yoga.   Over a period of years I became a yogi and a teacher. I travelled to India to learn in the birthplace of the practices that sustained me and continued to expand my spiritual growth.   Over the years I explored many practices including meditation, pranayama, cleansing, sacred chanting and even the the obscure Goddess practices that are starting to resurface now.  


For a time, I tried to live a more conventional life but my heart was being called to the spiritual realm. I was working in a spa as an ‘undercover’ energy worker.  Eventually I could not continue my spa work as an esthetician, it was time to break out.  Though I had many tools in my bag, I still did not know exactly how to put them together.  CoreIndividuation™ has offered to me a system by which I can really fulfill the need to share all of these healing arts tools.   It is my great wish to carry all of this forward to the wonderful people who can benefit the most from what I offer.  As a guide, I value creative partnership and seek to serve with equanimity and an open heart.  



Areas of Study and Influence


Yoga: Ashtanga, Iyengar, classical hatha,  Bihar school, Ramana Maharishi, Tibetan Buddhist studies, Vipassana, yoga philosophy, Continuum Movement, traditional Indian dance.


Qigong:  5 element forms and sacred practices such as theatre, ritual and martial exploration as a sacred exchange.  Also Taoist meditation and internal alchemy.  Taoist philosophy.


Reiki: Level II


Essential Oil and Flower Essence Therapy:  Exploration, reading and creating products for my company Sukha Skin Care and for other small companies.


Skin Care: Ayurvedic and western practices.  


Fine Art:  N.Y.C museums and galleries, European museums and architecture, fine art studies in various institutions (Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, University of Oregon, BFA, and Hunter College), with various teachers, and dance.


Psychology: University studies, Social Research, Re-evaluation Co-counseling or Peer Counseling exchange, receiving traditional counseling myself.  Lots of reading especially in the Jungian school.  



Sacred Sites:  

Sleeping in a hammock in the jungle of Palenque, Mexico.  

Contemplation in the church San Sulpice, Paris.

Observing, studying with a lineage priest, meditating, drawing and absorbing in the Siva temple of Chidambaram,

southern India.  

Exploration in  N.Y.C. as a teen and young adult.

The forest, throughout my life.  

The Ocean

Mountains, Shasta and the Himalayas.  

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